Leaving my husband?

After more than one year in Germany and countless job applications and few interviews (where, by the way, I was always asked about children plans and how long I’ve been married, shouldn’t this be illegal to ask?), it seems like it really doesn’t make sense for me to stay here.

Today I’ll write a reminder to some people I interviewed with about two weeks ago. The interviews (with two different people from the same organisation) went great. These people had even worked with some of my references, and I have direct experience and training in the field of the organisation. So, if it doesn’t work with them, who else in Germany will trust my knowledge and abilities?

Yesterday I talked with P. (husband). It is clear now, for both of us, that if this job opportunity doesn’t work, I’m going back to Peru. I would literally buy my plane ticket next week and wouldn’t even bother to renew my German residence permit, which is valid until May. He’s promised to catch up with me later, in about one year, because he wants to continue with his career right now. And I completely understand that. But I also know not to trust his promise. Not because he’s not to be trusted but because I know first-hand how painful it can be to leave a career behind. And as much as I love him, I wouldn’t do it again.

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I do get this last job opportunity here in Germany, in which case I would stay. But to be honest, I’m secretly wishing that once again they don’t call me back so I can buy my ticket to Peru and resume my career (and lifestyle!).



  1. Feels kind of weird to be liking this. And I totally get that feeling, especially the secretly hoping bit. As someone who lived in the same region in Germany, this is one of the worst parts of Germany to be living in, heard they wouldn’t even accept Bavarians. Not sure this will cheer you up. But in all honesty, it really isn’t you, it’s them. Hope it all works out for the best for both of you!


  2. Thank you for the nice wishes HelsinkiBudapest!!! 🙂 And yes, it really does help to know it’s not something particular about me. It’s just the way people are in this area….


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