Hi and welcome to my blog. This is a personal account of how life feels like for me in Germany. I came here in April 2015 and I’m still trying to make Stuttgart my home. However, the more time I spend here, the more alien I feel.

About me:

I’m almost 30, I’m a female and I look stereotypically Latin American (dark eyes, hair and skin, not so tall). Normally I wouldn’t introduce myself by describing how I look like but this is relevant in the context of this blog because I have the feeling that the way I look influences how I’m perceived by others and therefore it affects my social interactions here in Germany.

Why I moved to Germany:

I met my German husband while doing my masters in Australia. After completion, we moved together to Peru, my country.Back then, I was absolutely reluctant to go anywhere that it wasn’t my own country because I had idealised it.

My plan was to have a life with him there, where I felt and feel more or less comfortable. Social ‘adaptation’ was easy for him because, after all, there were not such big cultural differences. However, in terms of professional opportunities, Peru was not his best option.

We thought in Germany we both could make a career in our respective fields and that’s how we decided to come. In terms of professional opportunities, this was a big mistake for me. But we’re in love and we’re trying to make it work…